How I began helping ambitious entrepreneurs become industry thought leaders.

Before I made the jump to the private sector, I worked in politics. If we had won re-election for our fourth term, that's probably where I'd still be today... But fortune had other plans. 

What I learned while campaigning and meeting with constituents, the crack of dawn TV interviews and late night public events opened my eyes to the power of publicity and positive exposure.

For the next five years, I would run the PR efforts at a soon-to-be well-known tech startup.

From a team of 10, with a barely recognizable reputation, we'd grow our customer-base, our annual revenue, and become one of most desirable companies to work for in the industry.

How did we do it?

We established a positive relationships with local news outlets, getting covered by reporters, and highlighting what made the company different from all the other massive tech companies. Easy right? 

When you average about one new award every month, nothing about it is easy. However, it's certainly not the unattainable feat you probably think it is - and that they had no idea it was even possible!

Along the way I had friends and people I'd meet ask me for advice and help getting their businesses seen. By the time I started my own company, I accumulated 100+ awards for dozens of incredible leaders and their companies, plus landed hundreds of interviews and media placements all over TV, print and the internet, including:

  • Forbes 30 Under 30
  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Inc. 5000, #3273
  • Top Company Cultures
  • Inc. Top Workplaces in the United States
  • San Diego Business Journal #1 Most Admired CEO
  • San Diego Union-Tribune #1 Top Workplace

Imagine someone pounding the pavement, telling everyone how amazing your business is. They go from door to door, coffee shop to coffee shop, telling everyone how awesome you are. 

Now, multiply that by 114 million. That's what it's like when Forbes covers you. It's like having 114 million people singing your praises. When you read an article or blog about how a company, or person, is doing something really cool, do you ever wonder how they got there? More importantly, do you wonder if you knew what they know, could that be you and your business? 

​I'm here to show you that this person didn't start out anyone special. 

I want to show you that those stories you are reading can be you. Do you think these people and businesses landed the front page of the Wall Street Journal with their very first pitch and zero connections? 

Do you think if you simply knew more about how to identify the stories that reporters and media outlets are looking for, you might gain some new business, customers, and have people checking out just what you're all about?

Do you believe that if you were just able to get some spotlight on what you're doing, your business would boom, and you might be able to take that Bali trip you've always wanted?

But it takes time, resources, and inside knowledge that PR agencies make you believe you don't have. The typical PR contract starts out around $5,000, and often goes into five digits within six months. Because of this, 98% of companies simply just can't afford to even entertain the idea of doing PR. It doesn't have to be so difficult... And it doesn't have to be so expensive.

First, and foremost, attaining publicity is about building credibility...

It's about getting people and organizations of influence to say good things about you, and more frequently. Having a positive and prominent presence attracts new customers, and gives existing customers more reasons to stay. 

Having a reputation of strong leadership, cultural diversity and innovation are traits that keep high-performing employees from jumping ship and keep qualified applicants knocking on your door.

If your company was nominated for Best Company Culture, don't you think you'd be talking about it? It all starts with identifying your unique opportunities and refining the message you live and work by.


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