Full Service Brand Consulting & Activation

Community Engagement, Branding, Content Generation, Social Media Tactics, Media Pitching, Thought Leadership...

Let Brian ACTIVATE your message and guide you to become a content generating machine that will actually create the ROI you are looking for.

His process has been used to produce Inc. Magazine Top Workplaces in the United States, Entrepreneur.com Top Company Cultures in the U.S., Forbes 30 Under 30 winners, Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of the Year, multiple #1 Top CEO awards, and much more.

There are opportunities to acquire attention and gain exposure that are passing you by on a daily basis.

How is this possible?

Most people are not equipped with the ability to spot publicity opportunities or proactively come up with ideas to gain exposure.

How many success stories are you neglecting to tell because you think you need a degree in marketing in order to take action?

Not only does Brian teach you how to recognize new opportunities but ways to be proactive and create new content that will help drive sales, attract new customers, lure investors, build company culture and more.

What Do You Get?  👇

Content Generation Secrets & Strategies

What is content? Content is the lifeblood of building a brand. Content is what we use to lure attention and grow our influence. Without a consistent flow of engaging content the harder it becomes to grow a successful and reputable brand.

Brian will walk you through the process of becoming the ultimate storyteller and teach you how to create content where others lack vision. Additionally, you will learn how to extend the life of content by distributing through different channels in several different forms. 

Media Leveraging System

When you get the media to cover your business it's like an instant shot of exposure and credibility all mixed into one. The more popular and credible the news outlet - the more visibility it creates for you!

Think of the media as the OG of influencer marketing. Imagine what being on the Today Show or Ellen would do for your brand?

Let Brian show you how simple it can be to pitch the media a story idea. No need to be intimidated. Your local news outlets need story ideas and content just as much as you need to create it!

Develop relevant local and national media lists so that you will be able to act quickly and pitch story ideas at a moments notice.

Thought Leadership Training

You know your stuff. You're already an expert. You just hate having to get all the words down on paper. Let's be honest, it's a lot easier to talk than type.

You've probably spent hours writing and brainstorming only to see a few measly sentences completed. Brian will work with employees to create compelling stories and turn your ideas into valuable thought leadership articles and blogs, readers will want to consume.

Using Brian's 3-Step process you will learn to think differently, bring value and respect the readers time.

Social Media Audit/Strategy

Each social platform is unique to a particular audience. Something you post on Instagram might hold zero relevance on LinkedIn. 

Learn what, when, where and how to post on all your social media platforms. Let Brian work with you on proper social media hygiene while ensuring your brand continues to stay on message and build your reputation.

Community Engagement Planning

Don't neglect your backyard! Your community are your torchbearers. They are the people that “talk you up” to others. ⁣

They vouch for you. They spread the word for you. ⁣They are the ones who help build your brand when you’re sleeping. ⁣

Start local and introduce yourself to stakeholders in your community. Invite people in and get involved in local events. Mentor. Host a meetup. Speak on a panel. Tell stories!⁣

Brian will help develop a community stakeholder list and a game-plan for getting involved in your local community. This will help build your reputation and get people comfortable with you and your business. ⁣


  • [3] month, 1-on-1 training with up to [2] employees
  • Meet weekly [In-Person or Online]
  • [1.5] hour long sessions
  • Email access [direct with Brian] during and [2] months after training is complete

Cost: 6,000 USD (total)

  • [3] months 1-on-1 training and [2] additional months of email access 
    • $6,000 for companies located in San Diego, CA
  • Fees change based on location and travel expenses

Apply today and let’s start creating content that pays off!

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