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"This is the ultimate tool for any entrepreneur or business owner needing that extra boost to help put their company on the map. Increase sales, lure investors and attract new customers by leveraging the power of publicity."

- Brian Jones 

Founder of Nuts & Bolts of PR

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116 Page, Paperback Workbook Includes:

  • Real-life positive publicity successes to build your business
  • My 3-step process on how to build positive exposure:
    1. Discovery   2. Activation 3. Measurement
  • Hands-on exercises to guide you along the way 
  • check
    EVERYTHING you need to build your own publicity strategy!

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Changing Your Business Forever. Get Empowered Now!

Jam-packed with case studies, fill-in-the-blank exercises, and reusable templates hand-crafted by Brian himself, you'll be referencing this living document for years to come!

3 Steps to Getting the Attention You Deserve

Included are step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks for leveraging digital media to gain free exposure for your business.

After reading this book and completing the exercises, you and your team will know how to build your publicity machine. You will know how to best tell your story and identify massive opportunities to create positive publicity.

“Brian has done an incredible job taking us from having no idea what we were doing to winning some major awards and getting awesome coverage.”

Stephan Goss - CEO of Zeeto

Step 1 - Discovering your  strategy

First, you'll learn what positive publicity is and why it matters, then you'll start creating some for yourself. But before you can take on the world, you need to get organized.

Step 2 - Activating your plan

Next, you'll learn how to gain exposure for your company by engaging the local community and applying for awards.

Step 3 - Measuring, refining, and developing stamina

Positive publicity delivers as much value as marketing - it's just hard to quantify. As you analyze these figures, remember to consider the role positive publicity might have played in potential increases.

“All happy companies are different: each one earns a monopoly by solving a unique problem. All failed companies are the same: they failed to escape competition. Peter Thiel

Build your positive publicity strategy using hands-on exercises each step of the way 

Exercise 1

What will publicity do for you?

The power of positive publicity is an amazing tool. When you learn how to harness it you will effectively facilitate increased sales opportunities, lure investors, build culture, bolster company engagement and so much more.

Exercise 2

Your Company Repository

Learn how to get organized, but most importantly, WHAT to organize! I'll share all the nuts and bolts required to crush the competition. Having access to photos, summaries, boilerplates and bios will ensure you don't let any opportunities slip by.

Exercise 3

Your Bucket List

Your "Attention Bucket List" is a cool thing. Let me show you how you can use it to generate more ideas and opportunities than you ever imagined. This exercise has done wonders for my clients. Let it do wonders for you.

Exercise 4

What Do You Want Attention For?

Attention will take you to wonderful places. BUT, without an understating of where you want it to take you - you run the risk of spinning your wheels. NO wheel spinning here! Let the RIGHT attention build your business.  

Exercise 5

Who's Attention Do You Really Want?

If your car breaks down you don't have it towed to a veterinarian. Same is true when it comes to gaining attention. Make sure the attention you attract is from the people that matter most.  

Exercise 6

Know Your Competitors

It's been said, that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In business, it helps to study the competition and learn what is working for them! 

Exercise 7

Become a Story-teller

You don't have to be a published author or screenwriter to tell a good story. This exercise will show you how to tell YOUR story, even if you think you don't have one.

Exercise 8

Who's On Your List?

Not only do you get MY Top 50 Most Relevant Media Outlets WITH contact info, but I show you how to find reporters in your community with easy tips and tricks of my own.

Exercise 9

Recognitions & Achievements

Here's a little secret. Awards and recognitions are like INSTANT credibility hacks! I show you how to leverage these opportunities in order to drive your visibility and build credibility. This is something you should be doing TODAY!

Refine your message and watch your influence grow exponentially.


About the Nuts & Bolts of PR Workbook 

Kim Folsom - Professor at National University

“Other PR agencies were unsuccessful in securing media attention for the program. Brian came in with a specific plan and executed on it by garnering quality media attention.”

Josh Allen - CEO of Global Disposal, Inc

“Before... everyone wanted me to come in for $5,000 - $10,000 a month and guarantee them six months. We're going to have success now because of Brian, not just in the short-term, but forever.”

Kyle Slager - CEO of Raken

“PR can play a very important role in the early years of a company lifecycle. We had a lot of incredible feedback from customers early on and thus, wanted to create awareness within target market.”

I like how Brian goes out of his way to educate and really help others understand the process by making things as simple as possible - that's something you don't get with other PR consultants. Whether you are new to PR and need help building out a strong foundation or are a small business looking to grow, Brian is the person to help get you there.

Marcie Gately

Chief Product Officer of Zeeto

Winner San Diego Business Journal Woman of the Year

What opportunities are you passing up?

Credibility is the missing component many businesses need to reach the next level of growth. A strong understanding of how to increase positive exposure is the key.

Positive visibility brings credibility - and credibility is priceless.

Credibility facilitates business deals. It increase sales, attracts investors, and helps build enviable company culture.

Whether it’s getting into the Wall Street Journal, Forbes or your local newspaper... real, lasting credibility isn't something you can buy. When a third party with a great reputation covers you in a positive way, the credibility you attain through that coverage is priceless.

People like to do business with people who they know - who they like - but the most important thing is trust. Being able to push content out, and allow that content to be digested, the more opportunity you have to overcome that barrier of trust.

J.R. Tolver - State Farm Insurance Franchise Owner

Former NFL Player and Guest Broadcaster on NBC Football Night


About the Author

Hi! I’m Brian Jones.

With nearly 15 years of experience in public relations, I've helped my clients build credibility and become industry leaders while gaining advantages over competitors. I've secured top-tier media placements for 100% of my clients in outlets such as Forbes, Fortune, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, BBC, Fox News, New York Post, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

My clients have received some of the most reputable awards in the United States, such as Forbes 30 Under 30, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Inc. Top Workplaces in the United States, and Entrepreneur.com Top Company Cultures in the US.

For the first time, you'll have access to my exact, award-winning processes in an easy-to-follow, hands-on workbook that you can use to grow your professional and personal influence and take your business to the next level.