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I've worked with Brian for over four and a half years. We started out doing a lot of awards, local news and worked our way up to my ultimate goal of winning Forbes 30 Under 30. Brian has done an incredible job taking us from having no idea what we were doing to winning some pretty major awards and getting awesome news coverage!

Stephan Goss
CEO of Zeeto

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Forget what you think you're trying to do with PR. Sit down with Brian and let him create a plan for you. Let him educate you on what you should be doing... it's not magic fairy dust - it's about hard work, teaching your people how to look for opportunities to contribute to your message, and having a plan.

Josh Allen
CEO of Global Disposal Reduction Services, Inc.

Brian Jones is an author, contributor, and publicity professional with over 13 years of experience helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses gain positive visibility through public relations.

His clients have some of the most reputable awards in the United States, such as Forbes 30 Under 30, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Inc. Top Workplaces in the United States, Entrepreneur.com Top Company Cultures in the US, San Diego Union-Tribune #1 Top Workplace in San Diego County, San Diego Business Journal #1 Most Admired CEO, and Inc. 5000.
With more than 13 years of experience under his belt, Brian Jones helps companies, entrepreneurs, politicians and start-ups gain positive visibility, win internationally-recognized awards, and solidify their names as leaders in the marketplace.

He proves that you don't have to be Elon Musk or Warren Buffet to become a thought leader in your industry, and has earned for his clients some of the most reputable awards in the United States, such as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Inc. Top Workplaces in the United States, Top Company Cultures in the US by Entrepreneur.com, and 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30.


I had the pleasure of working with Brian on the 'LIFT Elevate My Business Challenge.' In the past, other PR agencies were unsuccessful in securing media attention for the program. New to the project, Brian came in with a specific plan and executed on it by garnering quality media attention that helped spread the word of our important event.

Kim Folsom
Co-Founder of Founders First Capital Partners, LLC

Positive visibility brings credibility.

Credibility is priceless.

Credibility is the missing component many businesses need to reach the next level of growth. A strong understanding of how to increase positive exposure is the key. 

Credibility facilitates business deals. It increase sales, attracts investors, and helps build enviable company culture.

Whether it’s getting into the Wall Street Journal, Forbes or your local newspaper, real, lasting credibility isn't something you can buy. But when a third party with a great reputation covers you in a positive way, the credibility you attain through that coverage is priceless.


If handled correctly, PR can play a very important role in the early years of a company lifecycle. We had a lot of incredible feedback from customers early on and thus, wanted to create awareness within target market. Brian was able to get the word out quickly in an effective manner through PR principles he’s learned over the years.

Kyle Slager
CEO of Raken

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